Kasturi Green thrives on its superior relationship with the farmers and the buyers. It works as a bridging entity by helping farmers earn better by selling products to high end customers and by helping buyers to pay a lesser price for their purchases by insulating both from the intermediaries. Our services help create a better, efficient and transparent system in agro market.

Channel Partnership

Kasturi Green offers channel partnership to the esteemed customers who are looking to import products from India. Team Kasturi has been in the procurement sector for long and comprises of highly trained personnel. We have a strong procurement network and offer a wide range of export products.

Sampling, Testing and Warehousing

With its vast experience in the procurement of agro products, kasturi Green is on a path to become foremost agro outsourcing partner to conduct sampling and testing for International buyers. It also has warehousing facilities that assists the channel partners to test and store the agro products under a single roof and cover up their operational damages.

Branding and Packaging

Kasturi Green also offers customized packaging and branding options to its partners to enable them to purchase or sell the finished products to third parties directly from us. The warehousing facilities makes it easier for the buyers to store the packaged products and sell them as per the requirements and order placements.