Guar Gum

Guar Gum is derived from the ground endosperm of beans from cluster bean plant(Cyamopsis Tetragonolobus), an annual legume. Guar Gum is a natural high molecular weight polysaccharide and is easily soluble in water, only a small amount of which could produce sufficient viscosity and thickening

Guar Gum is used as thickener, stabilizer or emulsifier and binder in different industrial applications like Shale oil and gas extraction, food and pharmaceuticals production, textile applications etc.

We offer Guar Gum for both food and industrial grade uses, with particle size ranging from 40 mesh to 300 mesh and viscosity ranging from ultra low (40 cps) to ultra high (6500 cps).

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Oil Seeds

Pulses (Chick Peas)

Kasturi Green is one of the leading suppliers of dried Chickpeas from India. Chickpeas are an excellent source of the essential nutrients, iron, folate, phosphorus and protein.

Chickpeas are low in fat and most of this is polyunsaturated. It has high fiber content and is considered a great food for people with high blood sugar.

We offer high quality, size sorted and highly nutrition chickpeas directly sourced from our farmer’s network.

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Herbs (Senna)

Kasturi Green is one of the leading suppliers of high quality Senna leaves. We at Kasturi Green are focused at working with the farmers to help them grow crops/ plants in a better efficient way to earn higher profits.

One such product is Senna, wherein we are helping our farmers to incorporate Senna plant in their cultivations. Our herbal products like Senna are highly monitored by our experienced team right from its sowing to provide the best quality products to our customers.

Senna leaves are currently procured by pharmaceuticals for its chemical compounds of health benefits. We provide customized packaging of Senna leaves as the client requirement.

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Dry Fruit (Cashew Nut)

Kasturi Green is known for supplying superior quality of Cashews sourced from the best of farms across India.

We have a dedicated team of professionals who look closely to procurement of cashew right from its sowing to its final processing to ensure supply of best quality of assorted cashews as per the customer demand.

As India is the largest producer and exporter of Cashew kernels in the world, it enables us to cater to specific requirements of our customers and provide the specific desired grade of commercially available Cashews

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Cardamom (Ilaichi)

Kasturi Green is a budding supplier of Cardamoms form India. As Cardamom is one of the most highly priced and exotic spices in the world, we focus to provide value for money to our customers by providing high quality, highly flavored Cardamoms.

Its usage has increased across the world over time and is used in all major cuisines.

It also has medicinal uses like healing digestive disorders, dental infections etc.

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Psyllium Seeds (Isabgol)

Kasturi Green’s strategic location in Rajasthan, which is one of the largest producer of Psyllium Seeds/Husk in India, enables us to provide continues supply of high quality Psyllium Seeds/Husk

Psyllium is mainly used as a dietary fiber which is not absorbed by small intestine which attribute to its laxative properties. It helps to reduce the symptoms of both constipation and mild diarrhea.

Being a dietary fiber, it also finds its usage in preparation of various health products. We procure high quality Psyllium and give utmost importance to its purity.

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Kasturi Green is a bulk supplier of processed and unprocessed Sugar.

We operate on low margin strategy to provide a competitive rate to our customers.

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Kasturi Green is a bulk supplier of processed and unprocessed Salt.

We operate on low margin strategy to provide a competitive rate to our customers.

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